General terms


General terms

1.Unless there is a special written agreement it is assumed that the dispatch of the customer's order means that he/she is in agreement with the general conditions of sale. No stipulations made by the customer regarding conditions of sale, bills, acknowledgement of recipt, or any other document, will be other than those of Ionic-Force(unless the said written arrangement has been approved). The information appearing in the catalogues and price lists are a guideline only. Ionic-Force reserves the right to modify this information at any time, without prior notice. The customer will be notified of any such charges as soon as possible.


Orders can be placed either in writing or by telephoning this number: 0034-679082334. The order is not finalized until it has been accepted by Ionic-Force. Any stipulations modifying or supplementing the conditions of sale will be taken to be acceptable to the customer unless he/she makes a complaint in writing.


Any current taxes payable will be added to the prices billed to the customer. Details can be found in the information about our products.


4.1-Unless there is any alternative private arrangement, the goods will be dispatched within the time frame stated either on the day that payment is received or, if the customer chooses to pay on delivery, on the day the order is accepted by Ionic-Force. The delivery times given are approximate, and Ionic-Force will do its utmost to adhere to them. However, should there be a delay, this will not be grounds for cancelling the contract or for claiming any compensation.

4.2-The delivery will only be considered complete when the transport company hands the goods over to the customer and he/she signs the acknowledgement of receipt. It is up to the customer to check the goods carefully in case there is any cause to make a claim.

4.3-If the goods received do not correspond to those shown on the invoice, the customer has 7 days in which to make a claim. Should the claim be considered to be justified, the transport costs for returning the goods would be covered by Ionic-Force.

4.4- The normal delivery charges, are paid by the customer, at a cost of 12,00€ (including IVA), and is only available for orders in the peninsula.

4.5-The delivery time is estimated at between 24 and 96 hours, depending on location. The goods are usually in stock. However, if this were not the case, Ionic-Force would notify the customer of the probable dispatch date by e-mail. For goods sent by normal post, the delivery time is between 3 and 5 days.

4.6-Ionic-Force accepts no responsibility for any possible delay by the transport company.

4.7.Ionic Force does not asume responsibility on customs charges.

5.Ownership of goods

5.1-Ionic-Force owns the goods until the sale price has been paid in full. Therefore, if payment is made in instalments, the goods remain the property of Ionic-Force until the total amount has been received.

5.2-Once the goods have been delivered, the customer is then totally responsible for them.

5.3-If payment should be stopped, the goods will be reclaimed by Ionic-Force. Any money already paid will not be refunded.

6.Method of payment

Unless another arrangement has been agreed, the goods can be paid for:

6.1-By bank transfer, sending the money to the account of Ionic-Force. The account number will be sent to the customer by e-mail once the order has been accepted. The name of the person who placed the order should be stated when making the transfer. < as soon dispatched be can goods the that so transfer, of copy a with sent should e-mail>

6.2-Cash on delivery. If this method is chosen, a surcharge of 3'5€ is applicable.

6.3-Paypal Express. If this method is chosen, a surcharge of 4% is applicable(including IVA).

7.-Any breach of contract by the customer, for example, failure to pay on time, will lead to the cancellation of any existing contract, and the stopping of any delivery.

8.1-Ionic-Force is not obliged to indemnify either the user or any other person for any consequences resulting from the use of the goods supplied.

8.2-All Ionic-Force products have a 1 year guarantee.(not covered by the guarantee: plating and incorrect usage of the product).

8.3-The return of any goods under guarantee should first be approved by Ionic-Force. The customer should inform the after-sales service of Ionic-Force of any problem, either by e-mail or telephone. The faulty goods must be returned in their original packaging. The cost of returning the goods may or may not be met by Ionic-Force, depending on the reason for their return.

8.4-Ionic-Force accepts no responsibility if the results obtained from using our goods fail to meet the customer's expectations. In no circumstances should Ionic-Force products be used as an alternative to any medical treatment or prescription, only as a complement to any treatment usually followed.

9.Possible return of goods

According to Spanish law, the customer has the right to return any goods which do not meet his/her expectations, but they must be returned within 7 working days from their delivery date, according to the official calendar of the place they were delivered. They must be in their original packaging, unused, and be sent via the same transport company that delivered them. The customer will be liable for the costs of transport. If there has been any error, or if the goods are faulty, Ionic-Force will pay the cost of their return. Faulty goods will be replaced as soon as the customer informs Ionic-Force of the problem, and at no charge to the customer.

10.Other conditions

The general conditions of sale and any contracts signed, conform to Spanish law. Any litigation refering to the interpretation or execution of the general condition of sale will be decided exlusively by the courts of justice of Málaga.

11.Information and exlusions.

11.1-Ionic-Force makes every effort to ensure that the information on this web page is correct and kept up to date. Ionic-Force accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions which may exist.

11.2-Ionic-Force is unable to control the use made of the information by the customer, and is therefore not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, deriving from its use. The legal rights of the customer will under no circumstances be affected.

11.3-Ionic-Force cannot check, and indeed has not checked, all the web pages with links to this one, and is not responsible for their contents. Any risks arising from consulting such pages must be assumed by the user, who should read the terms and conditions of the pages consulted.

12.-In accordance with the Spanish law relating to the protection of data, any information of a personal nature provided by the customer will under no circumstances be given or sold to third parties, and neither will it be used to send any type of advertising. All customers have the right to access, modify or cancel any personal data, making their wishes known via an e-mail.

13.All the brand names and logos which appear on this page have been duly registered by their owners.