• Negative Ions


 Ionic Force products contain negative ions, and we will explain exactly what negative ions are, and how they can be of benefit to you. Ions are charged particles in the air, formed when enough energy acts on a molecule, causing it to eject an electron. The energy behind this reaction could be sunlight, radiation, moving air or water. The displaced electron attaches itself to a nearby molecule, which becomes a negative ion. The original molecule (minus an electron) is now a positive ion.

                                            negative ion

 In areas where negative ions abound, such as beaches, mountains and forests, one has a sense of well-being and contentment, as well as heightened energy. At home,  most of us have a natural ionizer – the shower. The falling water creates thousands of negative ions by splitting otherwise neutral particles of air, freeing electrons. These join up with smaller air particles , giving them a predominantly negative charge, and we leave the shower invigorated, ready to face the day.




In 1932 Dr Hansell was surprised by the violent mood swings of a co-worker who sat by an electrostatic generator. He noticed that his colleague was bright and cheerful when the machine produced negative ions, and morose when it produced positive ions. We can observe this same effect before and after a thunderstorm. Before the storm, the atmosphere is oppressive because of the high electrical charge of the air, which is full of positive ions. This can cause feelings of tension, gloom and even aggression. After the storm, thanks to the falling rain, the negative ions refresh and lighten the atmosphere, bringing with them feelings of relief, well-being and relaxation.




 Let us see how negative ions have a beneficial effect on the plant and animal world. Plants have been shown to grow up to 50% more when charged with negative ions. Animals exposed to negative ions also feel their benefits; mice live longer, rats learn better and are less anxious, larvae grow faster, chickens lay more eggs and sheep grow faster and supply more wool.


  •  Scalar energy 


     Now we will explain why our Ionic Force  products are so special when compared to others – it is because they have the power of Scalar Energy in addition to that of  Negative Ions. The effects of our range of Ionic Force products can be felt immediately. By performing a few simple tests, you will notice greater energy, flexibility and  strength.

     Scalar energy has been around since the beginning of time; its existence was first proposed in the mid nineteenth century by James Clerk Maxwell, a Scottish mathematician, and almost fifty years later Nicola Tesla was able to demonstrate its presence. Ionic Force products hold a Scalar charge which is passed to the human body.

     The whole universe is composed of energy, and the human body too has energy fields, or bio-energy, which is essential for life. Every cell in the body, when healthy, is a mini-battery, receiving nerve impulses which, in turn, are electric currents. We need energy to survive, and digestion is really only the slow combustion of the food we eat in order to provide this energy. The absence of electrical activity in the brain results in death – in other words, life itself is energy.

negative ions

     The forms of energy with which we are familiar, such as electricity, magnetism, light and sound, are characterized by waves, and the only difference between them is how fast the waves rise and fall (frequency) and how intense those rises and falls are (amplitude). Scalar Energy, however, is different. Rather than extending out waves, it tends to “fill” its surroundings, and it is capable both of passing through solid objects with no loss of intensity and of implanting its characteristics on solid objects. The process of implanting Scalar Energy in the Ionic Force  product range is both problematical and costly, but we think its benefits fully justify all such inconveniences.

     As all life is based on energy, there are numerous structures capable of holding a scalar charge, and also allowing that charge to be transferred to the human body, where it is stored in the liquid crystalline structures in the cell walls and between the cells.


Now let us consider the benefits Scalar Energy can give us. The bio-energy of our bodies is constantly exposed to the harmful effects of stress, pollution, poor diet and radiation from electrical apparatus, which can interfere with the correct functioning of the nervous system. However, Ionic Force products combat these effects with the power of Scalar Energy, stimulating the Alpha brain waves, which travel through the body , helping the cells to achieve the optimum voltage essential for the best possible health.

 Apart from combating the negative effects of modern life, there are numerous ways in which the Scalar Energy contained in the Ionic Force products can improve your health:

 -   It can protect your DNA from damage, by increasing the covalent level of each hydrogen cell in the body.

 -   It can facilitate the intake of nutrients into the cells, and also the elimination of toxins, by improving the permeability of each cell wall.

 -    It can improve mental focus, and balance out the two hemispheres of the brain.

 -    It can boost overall body energy levels and strength by increasing the energy of each cell.

 -    It can stimulate blood circulation by dilating the capillary blood vessels.

And one final observation - the Scalar Energy embedded in Ionic Force products is constantly renewing itself, and, therefore, it can last forever!