Ionic Force is a registered trade name. Our aim is to offer our customers , through our products, the greatest sense of well-being and satisfaction. After working in this field for five years, it is precisely the feedback from our customers which makes us sure that we are on the right track. As we have right from the start, we wish to continue offering high quality and service, and to this end we would be grateful for any suggestions or opinions you feel able to offer. With many thanks.

About Ionic Force products:

It is true that some of our customers claim to feel a sense of wellbeing due to the combination of minerals they contain; because of the way they are mixed in the laboratory, they can optimize the bio-fields of our body. Because of this, to a greater or lesser degree, our customers can feel an increase or improvement in their flexibility, strength or balance. If you are interested to find out what type of energies our products contain, and their characteristics, you can visit the section , "What is I-F" which can be found in the top left -hand corner.